Please Help Us Save Franceschi House and Park!

Santa Barbara’s Franceschi Park – and particularly the House – are in desperate need of investment, both intellectual and financial. The City Parks and Recreation Department has recommended to City Council that the House be demolished. But that would take big money. The Pearl Chase Society and many community members have recommended that the House be rehabilitated (it’s currently boarded up and unsafe). But that would take big money, too.

Click here to view a 9 minute video  excerpt of the City Council meeting on June 23, 2015, when demolition of the House was recommended by the Parks and Recreation Department.

Here’s a map to the Park


Click here to Donate Ideas    What, no money? Well, yes the project needs money too, but it’s not the only thing that will make this campaign successful. Put on your thinking cap and give us ideas you think would work to save the house or improve the park. Think “outside the box.”

Click here to Donate Money    Yep, money’s important to any public park improvement, including this project. The Pearl Chase Society has been striving to save Franceschi House for years, working within the City government structure and holding public contributions while the process continues. We manage a separate Franceschi House account and publicly acknowledge donors. We’re already working on a way to acknowledge donors permanently in the park.

Click here to Donate In-Kind Skills & Services    Special talents are always valuable to excellent projects. Some would say it’s those special talents that MAKE a project excellent. No disagreement here. Donate something special to Franceschi House & Park.

Click here to Sign our Petition   Lovers of Franceschi House & Park, historians, preservationists and just plain people from around the world are signing our petition. We’ll take the petition to City Council to show there’s a lot of support for a sustainable plan for the House & Park.

Use the “Leave a Reply” field below to send us your ideas.


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